Trailer “The Ghost Writer”

Nathan Zuckerman is a promising young writer who spends a night in the home of E.I. Lonoff, an established author whom Zuckerman idolizes (and who is, some critics have argued, a portrait of Bernard Malamud or Henry Roth). Also staying in the Lonoff home is Amy Bellette, a young woman with a vague past whom the narrator suggests might be Anne Frank who has survived the Holocaust and is living in the United States anonymously. It only becomes apparent at the end of this section that it is a fiction imagined by Zuckerman. He later confronts Amy, telling her that she looks like Anne Frank, but she fails to react in the way his fiction has encouraged him to hope.

Country USA
Director: Roman Polanski
Screenplay: Robert Harris
Novel: Robert Harris
Genre: Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Release Date: 19 February 2010 (USA)
Distributor: Summit Entertainment
Official Movie Site: theghost-romanpolanski

Watch the official trailer The Ghost Writer


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